Office Support Service And Facilities

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G3 has a full range of support services at its office at Lahore to provide logistic support to the projects covering following aspects.

  1. Graphics

    The department undertakes brochure design, typesetting, layout, finished artwork and production; colour graphics for presentations and production of maps, schematic diagrams, flow charts and other illustrations.

  2. Word Processing

    G3 specialises in the production of technical documentation and promotional material. It operates dedicated word processors and networking, with a range of printers from typesetting quality to high production laser printers.

  3. Printing

    G3 printing section has a range of equipment including: a Canon high speed volume copier; dyeline and plain paper reproduction facilities; offset machines; and binding facilities.

  4. Library

    It provides a full technical support service to all engineering departments, including enquiry and current awareness services.

  5. Computer Facilities

    G3 has comprehensive network of computer facilities providing a flexible, powerful, interactive environment for both professional and administrative staff. The long-term objective is to provide an appropriate workstation on every employee’s desk, giving access to all services via the network. Such a system has the advantage of distributed processing of everyday work, while retaining the benefits of a centralised system, namely, powerful processors as needed, the availability of a wide range of peripherals, data sharing and security, with easy access to authorised information.

    Services available on the G3 network include:

    Computer aided design and drafting;

    Desktop publishing and presentation graphics;

    Engineering modelling and analysis software, both in-house and proprietary; and access to a wide range of peripherals including, colour printers, laser printers and scanners.

    Corporate management information databases, covering a range of subjects including staff files and project accounting systems;

    A unified word-processing system incorporating standardised spelling checks and standard document formats;

    a wide range of commercial software including spreadsheet, project management, high level languages, databases and graphics;

  6. Software

    Softwares available for technical staff on network includes:

    An extensive range of technical software products also available for technical staff.

  • MS Windows
  • MS Project
  • VB
  • VFP
  • MS SQL
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Macromedia Director
  • Dream Weaver
  • MS Office
  • Oracle
  • 3D Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • MS Front Page
  • MOSS
  • SAP 90
  • HCS
  • COOL 3D

Staff trained on CAD system, Company work is standardized general on Autocad, undertakes drafing and designing.

At G3 our dedicated staff in committed to provide effective and innovative solutions to our valued clients. To meet this target our staff if fully equipped with latest IT resources include powerful workstations and large number of high-speed PC workstations on an Intra-Network and Wide Area Network. All  IT works are supported by SID -Systems Integration Division, which provides rapid assistance and backup for all softwares and hardware in use.

  1. Communications

    G3 has its own fax, e-mail and telephones in-house.

  2. Office Facilities and Equipment

    The consultant has sufficient equipment and facilities to carry out the project in the most efficient manner. The core of the office facilities are already with firm’s existing Offices. In case of additional facilities / equipment required specifically for this assignment, will be made available to the Project. Our available strength of the office facilities and equipment is as follows:

Pentium IV Core i3 with LCDs 10 Nrs.
Pentium IV Core 2 Due with LCDs 18 Nrs.
Pentium IV Dual Core with LCDs 10 Nrs.
Pentium IV with LCDs 10 Nrs.
Laptops 1.83 Cebtreno Core i3 06 Nrs.
Laser & Color Printers 6 Nrs.
Plotter 01 Nrs. 01 Nrs.
UPS and Voltage Stabilizer 15 Nrs.
Photocopiers 02 Nrs.
Scanner 04 Nrs.
Ammonia Printing Machines 01 Nrs.
  1. Design Software

    1. ETAB
    2. Microfep
    3. MX Road
    4. WATNET
    5. STAD-III
    6. Design Software
    7. AutoCAD 2004
    8. Project Management Software (Primavera / Suretrack)
  2. Survey Equipments

    Total Stations 05 Nrs.
    Theodolite 08 Nrs.
    Leveling Instruments 10 Nrs.


  3. Water Level Measurement and Chemical Testing Equipment

    M-Scopes (for water level) 03 Nrs.
    Electrical Conductivity Meters 03 Nrs.
  4. Office Equipment and Furniture

    1. Generator
    2. Fax Machine
    3. File Cabinets
    4. Desk / Chair sets
    5. Computer Tables