Architectural Planning Division

We constantly seek to inspire our clients and our community with creative space and building solutions, drawing upon the talents of a multi-disciplined

staff that includes master planners, architects, interior architects, interior designers, construction administrators, 3D illustrators and graphic designers.

We believe that the opportunity for innovation exists within each project, and our equal emphasis on design and execution allows us to maximize that opportunity.

Our expertise in master planning and design is matched by our technical abilities in design documentation and construction administration, providing added

value to our clients. We are committed to the development of distinctive, innovative and functional spaces in which to play, live, learn and work,

utilizing an interactive design philosophy that is:

The Scope of Services include but not limited to the following:

  1. Client focused:

    We believe good and responsible design and client service must be central to our practice.

  2. Design centered:

    We believe in the creative process and embrace it in everything we do, continually challenging ourselves to be open to reinvention and new ideas.

  3. Solution oriented:

    We pride ourselves in finding unique solutions to challenging problems and are rigorous in our pursuit of solutions that are appropriate and responsive to the needs of the client, the environment and the public.