Irrigation & Agriculture Division

G3 provide services in consultancy sector from conception to completion of projects including feasibility studies, planning,

designing, tender documentation, valuation, construction supervision and project management.

G3 are fully equipped to carry out the following services in the field of agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

On Farm Water Management

  • Baseline surveys.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Supervision services.
  • Design of watercourses.
  • Socio-economic studies.
  • Design for precision land leveling.
  • Monitoring and evaluation studies.
  • Planning institutional development.
  • Collection and collation of relevant data.
  • Preparing training and research program.
  • Water budgets and crop water requirements.
  • Design and installation of On-Farm drainage.
  • Preparation of cost estimates and PC-I proforma.
  • Planning new and strengthening existing farmers water users associations.Field investigations and surveys to estimate parameters of interest and to fill in data gaps.

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

  • Evaluation of existing constraints
  • Technical and economic feasibility
  • Feasibility of agro-based industries
  • Month-wise farm operations schedules
  • Advisory services and training of personnel
  • Formulation of integrated development plan
  • Agro-climatic studies for crop water requirements
  • Monitoring and recommendations for improvement
  • Studies of non-water inputs for optimum development
  • Collection of data on agriculture, livestock and fisheries
  • Feasibility and development of vegetable and fruit farms
  • Guidelines for implementation and operation of projects
  • Recommendations for setting up farm inputs supply centers
  • requirements, rate of mechanization in relation to farm sizes
  • Socio-economic study of rural communities and their motivation to participate in the project activities Procurement and distribution of improved seed, fertilizers and plant protection material, seasonal credit