Public Health Engineering Division

The firm is making a major contribution to the global drive towards improving health of the people .Services include tapping of

groundwater sources, river intakes, storage reservoirs, treatment works, desalinization plant, pumping stations,

transmission pipelines,service reservoirs, water towers and distribution systems.

Services provided by the Company embrace:

  • Initial master planning and feasibility studies (including water resource evaluation and population and demand forecasts)
  • Preparation of preliminary and detailed designs and contract documents
  • Supervision of construction and contract administration
  • Operation studies, including leakage control and network analysis
  • Advisory services in economic, financial, tariff, organizational and management aspects of water supply
  • Training of clients staff in appropriate and up-to-date procedures

The Scope of Services includes but not limited to the following:


  • Tariff studies
  • Demographic surveys
  • Gravity and force mains
  • Design of pumping stations
  • Preparation of detailed designs
  • Tender evaluation and appraisals
  • Cost estimates and tender documents
  • Design of intake structures and treatment works
  • Design of ground and overhead service reservoirs
  • Renovation/extension of existing water supply systems
  • Preparation of computer models and analysis of distribution networks
  • Procurement, inspection, installation and commissioning of water supply machinery
  • Project scheduling and progress monitoring by CPM/PERT methods and construction supervision of water supply systems


  • Sludge disposal systems
  • Re-use of treated effluent
  • Preparation of O&M manuals
  • Cost recovery and benefit ratio
  • Planning and design of sewerage systems
  • Chemical analysis of sewage characteristics
  • Study of climatic conditions and sewage flows
  • Population forecast and socio-economic surveys
  • Designs to renovate/rehabilitate existing sewage collection and treatment facilities


  • Outfall structures
  • Services for inspection
  • Drainage pumping/lift stations
  • Disposal channels and improvements in the existing drainage systems
  • Planning and design of storm water collection and disposal systems
  • Procurement and supervision of storm water drainage systems


  • Sewerage
  • Fire protection
  • Design of cold and hot water supply
  • waste water and storm water disposal systems


  • Refuse characterization
  • Transfer and disposal equipment
  • Transfer and disposal of solid wastes
  • Cost estimates and tender documents
  • Design of sanitary landfills and compost stations
  • Analysis of data and formulation of proposals for collection
  • Preparation of technical specifications of solid waste collection


  • waste water sampling and analysis
  • design of industrial waste collection and disposal systems
  • planning and design of treatment process and treatment works
  • services for procurement and inspection and supervision of installation and commissioning